About – Et Lille Atelier


Et Lille Atelier is a webshop run by the artist Christina Wiboltt Norup.

My greatest love in art is watercolours. I make fine, fairly precise pencil lines and then I let go of the watercolors. I think the style gives the paintings a fun combination of a calm expression together with a huge play of colors and different directions that give the paintings life.

I live in beautiful natural surroundings in Holte with my husband and our three children. Most of my inspiration comes from the nature around me; the little squirrels in the tree in the backyard, the horses at the edge of the forest, the chirping of birds, the seasons. My children are also a great inspiration; their expressions, moods and personalities.

In my art for little ones, I focus on not making my expressions for the "baby". I want to make art that people of all ages enjoy looking at.

CVR: 43123742